Volume Limiter can be used in two modes:

Individual Use:
A volume limit can be set and turned on/off at the individual's discretion. In addition, 'Mute Mode', allows for the customization of times where an automatic mute should be performed.

For example, depending on a scheduled calendar, or list of triggers (screen lock, system idle, screen saver activated), an automatic mute (with optional unmute) can be applied. This can useful if you don't want your computer disturbing you with alerts after you go to sleep, for example.

The limit and Mute Mode both function independently. For example, the limit could be set to 50% (with Mute Mode active) to achieve a limit with Mute Mode. Or, Mute Mode can be enabled with the limit disabled to use Mute Mode alone.

Note: The list of devices to use applies to both Mute Mode and Limit.

Global Use:
Any user of a machine can limit and then lock the Volume Limiter settings. An administrative password is not required to lock, only to unlock.

Once the lock has been activated, all users of the machine will be restricted by the limit set by the locking user (until, an unlock is performed). Mute Mode settings can still be used, but the list of devices and volume limits is restricted in this state.

This can be useful for parents or shared environments where volume limits should not be adjusted.

Once LOCKED, the limit will be enforced on every account, even if the menu bar application is not running!