Volume Limiter offers the optional powerful capability to enforce volume limits system-wide, even if the menu bar app is closed, missing, or deleted. This is only recommended in the case where administrative volume control is desired on a system-wide level - for example - by a parent or facility.

Since AppStore apps are sandboxed by nature, this functionality is available via a separate optional install should you wish to add this capability. This tool is not required for Non-AppStore customers.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the Volume Limiter Lock utility.

2. Copy the application into your Applications folder.

3. After copied, double-click and run Volume Limiter Lock to install the background daemon. You will be prompted for your administrator password, as this is a system-wide install.

4. The Status will update to say "Daemon Installed". 

5. The installation is complete, but the Volume Limiter Lock application must stay in your Applications folder. This is required for future daemon updates as well as performing unlocks.

If at any time you choose to remove the system-wide lock functionality, you can do so from the same utility.