There are 3 different versions of MSG Viewer for Outlook. The licensing schemes are not compatible, so please be sure you're working with the correct version first.

1) App Store: MSG Viewer for Outlook Pro

2) App Store: MSG Viewer for Outlook (License via in-app purchase)

3) Website: MSG Viewer for Outlook

If you're unsure which version you have, please check your:

Additional tips:

  • In your Applications folder, do you see MSG Viewer for Outlook ProIf so, you purchased the Pro version of the app via the App Store.

  • Otherwise, in your Applications folder, you will see MSG Viewer for Outlook. This means you either purchased the app via In-App purchase (via the App Store) or via our Website.

  • Please note that "App Store: MSG Viewer for Outlook" can be downloaded for free and will report as "Purchased" in your download history irrespective of whether or not you purchased a license. Essentially, "Purchased" just means it was downloaded.

    Please ensure you can find the original (separate) receipt for your in-app purchase.