Installed version:

Your license - either Mac App Store or website - is only valid for the version you've purchased (see Installation Guide).

Wrong version installed:


The website version of the software cannot be activated if you've purchased the software from the website. If you are missing the License menu or see the "Restore License" menu option, then it means you have the App Store version installed. Please delete or uninstall it before installing the website version.

Entering (activating) license information after purchase:

Your download and license information were automatically emailed to the address that you used to order MSG Viewer for Outlook. If you're running OS X 10.8+, you won't need to reinstall the software before registering it. Lost your license number?

If you haven't received your order confirmation email, please make sure you are checking the email account that you ordered MSG Viewer for Outlook with, and check your spam/junk folders as well. Most of the time these emails will arrive instantaneously, but please wait for up to 15 minutes for it to arrive before contacting us.

You can enter your license information using the License > Enter License menu.

When registering:

  • In the first box, type your full name (as specified in the order confirmation email, including capitalization)
  • In the second box, type your license number (including hyphen)
  • *Include the multi-user information, such as text like "(2-pack)" as part of your user name

Purchased, but app still reports as not licensed:

Note: MSG files that were converted with the free version would need to be re-processed after licensing in order to see the changes.

However, if your license information doesn't seem to be working, try this common solution:

  • Empty the Trash
  • Restart your computer

If this fails, you can also try a simple uninstall and reinstall.

Still having problems? Contact our Customer Support Team, and let us know how we can help.